Before submitting to you our riddles, some strategies that will help you solve them. The pillars of lateral thinking and it is worth putting them into practice every day.

The Life is full of problems, sometimes so absurd that we do not know how to deal with them. You  Do not make so much reliance on logic. The People are chaos of emotions. You Begin to see situations from different points of view.

Develop your imagination, maximize your potential and start looking beyond what your eyes see. Think of other possibilities, situations, data, evaluations, compare and think again. There is never a single option.  Abandon prejudices, and accept the challenges. Be original without the fear of being judged. Forget labels and stereotypes.

The information in your possession will not be decisive, but clues to which sum up elaborate assumptions, creative ideas, and intuitions. Follow your instincts, without being afraid of making mistakes. The advice is to avoid following the most obvious and logical way. More originality, more creativity exploited, the better!