Terms and Conditions


• At the descreption of the Game Master
on duty, the players will have to leave in the lockers
out of the playing environment all of the personal belongings that are not
strictly necessary.

• The Game Master on duty will tolerate delay up to 15 minutes
from the appointed time; after that
the countdown will get started and
the pre-gamebriefing will be given during the game time.

• People under influence of alcohol or drugs will be turned away
and their game strated as no-show. Adventure Rooms Firenze will not tollerate
any kind of bullying. Guest who are under the influence
of alcohol and or harassment towards its emplyees.


• Adveture Rooms Firenze is not liable for any
(personal or equipment) damges caused by game room misure
or not following the rules described before the game.
Adventure Rooms Firenze has made every effort to ensure
that your experience is safe and enjoyable. 
However, all adult partecipants will be required to sign a form assuming all risk
of partecipation in the game for both themesalves and any minor children in their care.

• While the player is on his/her premises, he/she must ensure
to conform to our codes of conduct and game regulations,
adopt proper standards of behaviour and cooperate with
our emplyees having security responsabilities.

• While collecting and examining props and artefacts are part
of the Adventure Rooms Experience,
removing any object from the room, intentionally breaking or damaging
and contents of the room is FORBIDDEN. 

Demage or removal props or artefacts will result in an immediate replacement charge.

• No photographs, video or sounds recordings in the room are permitted in any form.